Sorry Twilight fans: Bible-in-a-month challenge, 3 of 30

Day 3 — Exodus 25:36-Leviticus 23:22

The Twilight series of novels and movies about vampires and werewolves are something of a cultural phenomenon these days, at least with teenagers.  But my Bible reading today has me thinking that Moses wouldn’t be a fan.

Leviticus is loaded with instruction regarding worship and diet for God’s people.  One thing that comes across is that blood was important in sacrifice, but was not to be on the menu.  In fact, those who ingested blood, or even meat with the blood still in it, were to be cut off from the community of believers.

Bad news for vampires and werewolves.

Actually, my Bible reading today had nothing to do with teen angst among vampires and werewolves.  Fun blog fodder though, huh?

Reading through my daily quota of 37 pages did give me something of a panorama of God’s patience and kindness.  And yes, his holiness is on vivid display too.  While Moses is on the mountain meeting with the Lord, his brother Aaron is caving in to pressure from the people and creates a bull-god idol for the people to worship.  In spite of that staggering failure, God chooses Aaron and his sons as priests.  Now that is grace.

Tragically, two of Aaron’s sons squander that grace and disregard God’s instructions for worship by offering strange fire on the altar.  The result?  They are consumed with fire for their sin.

I’m only three days into my quest to read the Bible in a month, and to be honest with you, my slothful self hates being rousted at 5:30 am to read for two hours.  But I’m loving it so far.


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