Bible-in-a-month challenge, 5 of 30

Day 6 — Numbers 28:16-Judges 9:20

One reason it was a really dumb idea to try to read the entire Bible this month is that December is full of holidays, parties, special events and vacation time.  Plenty extra roadblocks to obstruct the way to my goal.  That said, I wanted to give it a go any way.  This was meant to be something of an experiment, so what the heck?

Since today is a Saturday, and part of the family is out of town, I thought I would do some extra reading.  Instead of one two-hour session in the morning, I added an additional reading time in the afternoon.  The thought is that I could “bank” some reading that I could use on a day where extended reading just isn’t an option.

For the most part, this worked out well.  The only downside is that since I got up at 8:15 am, instead of the usual 5:30 am, there were more distractions to try and screen out.  The dog needed to be fed and walked, Luke and Zack were banging around getting breakfast and interacting with one another, and the phone started ringing.  Trying this stunt could prove problematic for those with small children, but who knows?  I’m finding that if I don’t allow myself any excuses, I can find some solutions.

There’s plenty of other areas of my life that I need to put that mentality into practice.  But I’ll save that for another blog post …


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