Keeping the pedal to the medal: Bible-in-a-month challenge, 8 of 30

Day 8 — 1 Samuel 23:4-1 Kings 3:15

Several people have asked me if I’m basically speed reading to get through the Bible in a month.  Short answer?  Yes.

It’s not an optimal method in general, but it is giving me a great overview that I’m really enjoying.  One challenge is that I often come across something I want to dig into further, or cross reference with another part of the Scriptures.  Typically, that would be fine, but there’s no way I can keep pace doing that.  So, I keep a piece of paper next to me and jot down the scripture reference so I can go back to it at a later time.

It’s interesting to see what kinds of little details can stand out.  I saw a mention of a place called Adullum that I knew would be mentioned later as a location where King David’s first followers would gather to him.  Another thing that caught my attention was that Uriah the Hittite, who David had killed so he could have his wife Bathsheba, shows up in a list of men who served as the king’s bodyguards.

These aren’t necessarily important issues in these passages.  But it’s encouraging to see just how much I can absorb even when it’s speeding by.


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