Back at it: Bible-in-a-month challenge, 24 of 30

Day 25 — Luke 17:26-Acts 2:34

Yesterday was the first day in the month of December that I didn’t read for at least two hours.  It was a planned day off (for Christmas) that I prepared for by putting in some additional reading earlier in month.

Would the day off affect my momentum?  Would interrupting the rhythm I have established make it difficult to get back on track?

Turns out that I was able to get back up to speed without too much difficulty.  Sure, there was a big part of me that wanted to stay “on vacation” from my Bible-in-a-month challenge, but the desire to press on was stronger.

I’m hoping this experience helps me to be more disciplined in the future.  I’m reminded how we’re called to take up our cross daily, to die to ourselves so we can live to God in Christ Jesus.  It may be small potatoes in the big picture scheme of things, but choosing to spend two hours a day in Bible reading could be helping me develop something of a holy habit.

I pray that there will be  some lasting growth in my life from this endeavor.


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