Practical matters: Bible-in-a-month challenge, 26 of 30

Day 27 — Romans 9:33-Philippians 3:21

I’ve found three things to be indispensable as I’ve attempted to read the Bible for two hours each morning: bright light, a hard chair, and a business card.

Soft lighting just won’t cut it at 5:30 am.  I’d be nodding off in no time.  So the bright light of the dining room helps me stay awake, and focus on my reading.  Since I’m moving along at a brisk pace, legibility is critical.  And I’m sure adequate lighting helps reduce the eye strain that might accompany reading a high volume of pages.

The hard chair also helps me stay awake.  A comfy easy chair would be deadly for pre-dawn reading.

Why on earth would a business card come in handy?  Having something to underline the passage I’m reading helps me focus on the passage, and enables me to move more quickly through the material.  I believe that some people use a finger to help their eye focus.  Whatever work, right?


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