Mission accomplished: Bible-in-a-month challenge, 28 of 30

Day 30 — 1 John 2:12-Revelation 21:21

I did it.  1094 pages, 66 books, two testaments, one Bible … all in the month of December.

While I’m stoked about achieving my goal, I’m mindful that the Lord has helped me all along the way.  Left to myself, I would have talked myself out of the attempt in the first place, or would have bailed out somewhere along the way.  Plus there are many, many others who a better examples of devotion to the scriptures than I.  They inspire me with their faithfulness over a lifetime, not just a willingness to embrace a short-term sacrifice to accomplish a task.

I’d like to do a review of the experience in the next day or so to see if there are some “lessons learned” that will serve me or others in the future.  But for now, I want to record a few random thoughts, just so I don’t forget them.

First of all, the Bible is an amazing book.  It has the power to change lives as it reveals a great, powerful, loving and holy God.  It’s also a fantastic read.  There’s a delightful array of topics, writing styles and content.  The drama and history are gripping. But for all its diversity, there’s unassailable truth that starts at the beginning and continues on to the very end.

A few things that struck me: there’s much grace in the Old Testament, and some strong judgment expressed in the New Testament.  God’s patience with man is breath-taking.  He contends with his people over thousands and thousands of years as they abandon His ways time and time again to embrace sin and idolatry.  Even at the very end of the Bible, in the book of Revelation, He confronts His wayward children for pursuing God-substitutes.  His goal?  To glorify his name, redeem a people rushing head-long toward destruction, and restore them to a place where they can enjoy the eternal blessings of relationship with Him.  To that end He gave His son Jesus.

Anyway, it’s not my intention to preach.  Hopefully, I’m experiencing a little of what Romans describes as being “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  God knows there is much transformation needed in my life.

As far as Bible study goes, it’s time to transition from a sprint back to a life-long marathon.  But this experience has shown me that I’m capable of covering more ground each day than I thought before.

I wonder if any other little exploits might serve to jolt me out of my comfort zone?  How about you?


7 Responses to Mission accomplished: Bible-in-a-month challenge, 28 of 30

  1. Hi David, Kudos on finishing the Bible in a month’s time! That’s not an easy task.

    I’m curious to hear what God showed you while you were reading Revelation. Was it “what will happen,” “end of the world” type stuff? Or things that you could apply to your life right now?

    If it was the “what will happen” side, I have a challenge to jolt you out of your comfort zone 🙂 Read it with a “what does this mean to me, right now?” mindset. It’s not easy, but it makes Revelation a completely different book. More beneficial, in my opinion…

    If you need help (it’s so easy to flip back to “what happens when”), this book takes you through Revelation with that question in mind: http://InCaseOfArmageddon.com

    • David Wilson says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      My church has benefited from come excellent teaching on the often-confused book of Revelation. I belief Jesus said that no one will know the time-frame of his return, so my approach has been to apply the scripture to my life today. Seems to be a good approach to the Word in general.

      • Agreed. It’s strange, though, it seems like Revelation is the only book that isn’t automatically read in order to apply it to today. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s so hard to get past the symbols, or if it’s a habit ingrained throughout time, but people look at me like I have 3 eyes when I say it’s relevant today and not just in the future…

  2. Wife of the accomplished says:

    I am so thankful that you took on this “mission”. I was never concerned that you would drop out or take shortcuts . . . you are not that kind of guy. If you are gonna do something, you do it right! I know that God gave you the grace to accomplish this mission and I know that God will continue to guide and direct you in all future endeavors-Bible reading, study, work, and every day life “stuff” .
    I love you Honey- you are such a GREAT example to me!!!

  3. ETP says:

    Hey Dave,

    My hat goes off to you for that diligence and selflessness. An incredible job of leading by example.

    Yep, once I retire… but seriously, there’ll be a quiz at Caregroup next week. 😉

    E <

  4. Wow- I am impressed and amazed that you were able to finish the Bible in a month. Congratulations! I am inspired by reading your accomplishment!

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