J.K. Rowling’s to-do list

Don’t you hate to-do lists? I know I do. It just sits there judging me. Looking at its watch. Tapping its foot impatiently. Waiting for me to get on with it.

Ever wonder what’s on other people’s to-do lists? The folks at RealSimple Magazine imagined one for the author of the Harry Potter novels:

1.  Stare expectantly at fireplace.

2.  Give up; light fire.

3.  Recite mantra: No more magic.

4.  Sit down to work. Open folder: “Larry Porter and the List of Decidedly Non-Magical Book Ideas.”

5.  Break for lunch. Stare expectantly at package of sandwich bread.

6.  Give up; make sandwich.

7.  Decide which Harry Potter character should come out of the closet next.

8.  Do dishes.

9.  Roll in money

What’s on YOUR to-do list?


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