What’s so weird about my beard? Cast your vote!

I need to get your wisdom on whiskers. I’ve tried out some different looks, but am not sure which one looks best.

If Beardsylvannia was a democracy, what facial hair style would get your vote?

Full beard. Rocking the grey all the way!

My typical goatee … the look you’ve come to know and love. Well, know anyways.

Moustache-free goatee. Beat poet? Jazz musician? Amish farmer? Abe Lincoln? You make the call!


12 Responses to What’s so weird about my beard? Cast your vote!

  1. Jenn Collette says:

    I say change it up! Just make sure it’s something that Susan likes. I like the full beard, but that may be too much for our super warm weather. I think you said she dislikes the third look, but that would probably be the best thing for this warm weather.

  2. Jack & Cheryl BRady says:

    Number three hands down…it is the one that fits you best.

  3. Tim Boatright says:

    While the goatee is hip.. the full beard is the winner in my book. The stache-free goatee is just scary.

    But they are all Dave… so they’re all good!

  4. Joseph Anderson says:

    Definitely full beard. Goatees are for goats.

  5. John Shore says:

    You could always try what I do: let your nose hair grow out, until, dreadlock-style, they bunch together in little cords. I find that people pay so much attention to my nose-locks, they don’t seem to care what else in on my face or head.

  6. D Gray says:

    As someone whose critical eye won me the job of producer of our Sunday morning services I would say go with the full meal deal! I love the full beard with all it’s GRAY glory. You rock it well!

  7. […] I remembered that I had blogged about my facial hair once before. Even asked readers to vote for the what whisker style they liked […]

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