Pop culture at its trashiest? Or cause of Icelandic volcano eruption? You make the call.

This is a re-post from the excellent blog of one Brad Ruggles. What he says about faith makes me think. What he shares about the world makes me feel. His design skills make me jealous. This post just made me laugh.


As a designer I’ve seen my share of design contests. There’s plenty of opinions out there on spec work and whether it’s good or bad for designers. I’m not opening that can of worms but I do want to make a point that I’ve raised to several of my clients who were looking at running some type of design contest…

Understand the risks you take when you leave design decisions up to the general public!

Case in point…Oregon’s The Portland Mercury put that responsibility in the hands of its readers, letting them take a poll to choose what should appear on the cover of their weekly magazine. Artist Andrew Zubko was then asked to bring it life. So what’d they vote for? A metal bikini-clad Betty White holding a flaming chainsaw riding John Ritter of course. And not just any John Ritter. Centaur John Ritter.


Granted, The Portland Mercury was probably going for something a little off-the-wall on this design contest cover judging from the options available in their poll. Because seriously, if given the choice, who wouldn‘t want to see Betty White in bikini holding a flaming chainsaw above her head while riding John Ritter Centaur?

I can’t decide if this image is just wrong or epically awesome. You decide…EPIC? or EPIC FAIL?


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