Book Review: Ransomed Dreams

In a split moment, Sheridan Montgomery’s idyllic life as an ambassador’s wife is transformed by a vicious assassination attempt that leaves her friend dead, her husband crippled, and her world turned upside down. And that’s just the first page of Ransomed Dreams by Sally John.

What follows is less climactic, but very engaging. Sheridan tends to her invalid husband in an out-of-the-way Mexican village, hidden away from the attackers who were never identified or caught. She struggles mightily to move forward with her life, though it seems that prospects for a happy future are as remote as the backwards place they call home.

When an enigmatic man who served as part of the Ambassador’s staff shows up unannounced, Sheridan is dragged into a mystery surrounding her dying father, and enticed by an attraction which threatens her marriage.

The author does a terrific job of breathing life into the central characters of Ransomed Dreams. Sheridan and her husband Eliot are confronted with their own sins and failings, and their difficult and halting progress will ring true with how most people deal with life’s troubles.

As a man, I’m probably not the target market for this novel. I found myself chafing a bit with the deliberate pace of the story, and wanting more of the excitement that Sally John used to start the book off. But I believe that women, in particular, will appreciate the journey that Sheridan and Eliot travel to find reconciliation and redemption.

Special thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book. Ransomed Dreams will be in bookstores July 2010.


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