A legend that lasts a lunch time

What was your favorite short-lived fad?


4 Responses to A legend that lasts a lunch time

  1. Jeremy says:

    Remember slap bracelets? Those little, long, flat pieces of metal covered in fabric that you could stretch out, then slap onto your wrist and they would wrap around it like a bracelet… They came out in the late 80s… Every kid I knew wanted one, including me. Then someone came out and said that you could slit your wrist using them, and everyone got scared to use them any more. I still have one in my knick-knack box with all my other childhood memories. Ahhh…memories…

  2. Ryan says:

    Dave, I am going to subscribe to your website… you have the hottest stuff on here. Now I get it… I knew I heard Jerry’s illustration somewhere…I knew it was a song or something…

    I am looking forward to seeing this blog continue.

    thanks dave

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