7 easy tips to get more out of Sunday morning

In the video clip above, Mr. Bean (the criminally comedic Rowan Atkinson) is struggling to stay awake in church.  But to be honest, being brain-dead on the Lord’s Day is no laughing matter.

Many of us, myself included, don’t prepare ourselves to fully enjoy and benefit from our Sunday gathering. Consider the following insight from Tim Chaillies’s excellent blog:

In his book Expository Listening, Ken Ramey offers a list of ways you can “Plan Ahead, and Schedule Your Week Around the Ministry of the Word.”

“For the majority of people, even church members, church is not the priority of their week. Too often school, work, sports, and other activities take precedence over going to church. They make the mistake of letting their time be ordered by the world, which views the weekends as a time to relax, to play sports, to stay up late and sleep in. For Christians, however, Sunday should be the most important day of the week. You should try to schedule your work, activities, get-togethers, and vacations around church. You should live by the principle that Sunday morning starts Saturday night.”

He offers several practical suggestions on how to prioritize the Lord’s Day:

* Make it a habit to be home on Saturday night.
* Be careful not to do, watch, or read anything that will cause lingering distractions in your mind the next day.
* Get things ready on Saturday night to alleviate the typical Sunday morning rush (lay out clothes, set the table, write the offering check, stock the diaper bag, etc).
* Get a good night’s sleep so you can be sharp and energetic to worship and serve God. It’s hard to listen when you’re nodding off.
* Eat a simple but adequate breakfast that will hold you until lunch. It’s difficult to hear over the grumbling of your stomach.
* Work together with the other members of your family to get ready, and to establish and maintain a godly atmosphere on the way to church. Listen to music, sing, and pray together.
* Arrive at church ten minutes early instead of ten minutes late so you have enough time to find a parking spot, drop the kids off in the nursery or their Sunday school classes, get a cup of coffee, visit with your friends, and find a seat.

“When you fail to plan ahead,” he warns, “Sunday morning ends up becoming a chaotic crisis, and by the time you get to church, you are frustrated and frazzled and your heart is in no condition to receive the Word. But when you plan well and are able to arrive in a relaxed, leisurely way, you will be in a much more receptive frame of mind.”


3 Responses to 7 easy tips to get more out of Sunday morning

  1. Susan Wilson says:

    Setting our clocks 1 hour ahead might help too . . . we would get there earlier AND arrive with plenty of time to serve before the service by greeting, helping with parking OR participating in the pre service prayer time!!

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  3. Teri Lynge says:

    Prayer is the key for me. I try to lift up the message and the teachings. Not just the preaching, but the childrens ministry teachings as well. If we all prayed and asked the Lord for HIS blessing in this day the entire experience would be powerful for us all. I also come determined to WORSHIP, we have a great worship leader, who can sing “on tune” and play, a true leader for us all, and he is sensitive to the flowing of the spirit. If we could all FOCUS on the Lord and turn from our thoughts and consentrate on HIM, truly enter into real worship of the King of Kings, we would inspire one another to enter in and recieve what HE has for us. What more could we desire but to recieve HIM through our worship? I sometimes look around and think, if only we sang as if we believed HE was here with us to be exalted and glorified, oh, what a difference today could make in our walk. Yes, to be prepared is to be purposefully praying and worshiping and waiting on GOD to come through in us. That is WHY we gather, that is why we sing and praise, to meet with HIM in our hearts where only HE can change us!

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