New Testament In A Month Plan — DAY 5

Today, June 7 — Acts 12:21-21:13

Acts is something of an action-thriller, isn’t it? I’ve been inspired seeing the power of the Holy Spirit confirming the gospel proclamation.

What about your life? In what ways has the power of the Holy Spirit been evidenced? Is there anything you can do to position yourself to be further empowered for more effective witness?

Tomorrow, June 8 — Acts 21:14-28:31, Rom. 1:1-4:6


One Response to New Testament In A Month Plan — DAY 5

  1. I have to be honest, it has been a LONG time since I’ve read Acts, and I am just blown away by the abundant power of the Holy Spirit, specifically manifested in Paul. After Christ ascends into heaven it’s like the diciples all chugged a Holy Spirit Red Bull. My jaw has been dropping time and again as I read about the power of God displayed, and at times, the power of God directing Paul away from certain places. It certainly increases my faith for sharing the Gospel. Not only is God’s word self-authenticating, but the Gospel (shared by us) is self authenticating. God will not let his word return void. We can share the Gospel boldly, and trust the Holy Spirit to back us up! We may not always see immediate fruit like they did in Acts, but we can be confident that all who are appointed to salvation will be saved, and that one day every knee will bow.

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