New Testament In A Month — DAY 11

Today, June 15 — Col. 1:1-4:18, Mark 1:1-9:37

It was great to get back to the Gospel letters today. I found that reading in Mark brought a renewed regard for Jesus, and a fresh sense of wonder at what he said, what he did, and most importantly, who he is.

Jesus’ story seems so compressed and action-packed in Mark. After spending the first 30 years of his life in relative obscurity, the carpenter from Nazareth erupts onto the scene. He preaches of the coming kingdom, confronts hypocritical religious leaders, heals the sick, subdues storms, and raises the dead. Jesus is utterly fearless in confronting demon-possessed men amongst tombs. He ministers to the “unclean” … those despised and marginalized by the culture of that day. He grants deliverance to the daughter of the Syrophonecian, and healing to a woman who suffered from bleeding for 12 years.

God used the Gospel of Mark to ignite a flame of worship in my heart this morning. It’s my prayer that the flame becomes a consuming fire in the days to come.

Tomorrow, June 16 — Mark 9:38-16:20; 1 Thess. 1:1-2:16


2 Responses to New Testament In A Month — DAY 11

  1. Amen Dave! The power of Christ was really evident to me as I read Mark today.
    Now, I have the ESV, and I haven’t checked another version, nor do I know what version you read from, but did you happen to notice the almost ridiculous frequency with which the word “immediately” popped up? I was starting to wonder if it was like a misprint in my Bible. haha. It seemed to occur in strange and unneccessary places and I just couldn’t come up with any logical reason why.

    • David Wilson says:

      Hey Steph,
      Seems like the aggressive pace of the narrative you noted in Matthew is even more accelerated in Mark. The author “floors it” at the beginning of the gospel account, and hasn’t taken his foot off the pedal yet!
      I really appreciate your contribution to the dialogue over this challenge. Hope you continue to be affected and blessed as much as I am.

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