Book review — The Witness

Marwan Accad is not your average work-a-day joe. As an elite security expert, the former special forces soldier makes his living jetting around the world protecting the uber wealthy and politically connected. But when a business meeting in Monte Carlo erupts with gunfire and bloodshed, this uncommon man’s life really gets complicated.

In The Witness, novelist Josh McDowell chronicles Accad’s exploits in avoiding the police who falsely accuse him of murder, and the actual killers who want to silence him to keep their criminal activity from coming to light. His flight takes him to France, Morocco and Egypt, and sets in motion an unexpected journey of spiritual discovery.

The book’s chapters are short, the pace is brisk, and the thrills plentiful enough to please fans of authors like Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum. In addition, McDowell does a good job of portraying Accad’s growing struggle in dealing with past tragedies, present dangers, and eternal realities. This security expert in insecure as it dawns on him that he will stand before a holy God at the end of his life. A life that will be ending soon if he is caught by his murderous pursuers.

For all his strengths, The Witness has its share of weaknesses too.  The characters are rather two-dimensional, even for this literary genre. And McDowell doesn’t immerse his readers very deeply into the sights and sounds of his exotic locations.

In the end, The Witness is a good story that casts a spotlight onto the Good News.

The publisher was kind enough to provide me with a complimentary copy of this book.  I, in turn, was kind enough to provide a complimentary review of said book.


3 Responses to Book review — The Witness

  1. Hi David, Loved your review! Would you review my book if I send you a free copy? It is SCARS: An Amazing End-times Prophecy Novel and available at Amazon. Please let me know!


    Patience Prence

    • David Wilson says:

      Hi Patience,

      Thanks for the kind remarks. I’d be glad to review your book, though it may take me a few weeks to get to it. I already have several titles that I’ve already committed to review.

      Please email me at and I can get you my mailing address.


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