Bashful about marketing yourself?

Reviewing business books is coloring outside the lines for me. But since I am a marketing professional, and author Miki Markovich asked — I thought I’d give it a shot. Let me know what you think.

For those who are bashful, marketing oneself can seem like a daunting task. But there’s help on the way in the form of a new book by someone who has faced the challenge, and overcome it.

Author Miki Markovich is shy. Always has been … always will be. And you know what? She’s okay with that. In fact, she celebrates her bashful nature in her new book You Want Me to What? Subtitled Public Relations and Marketing for the Shy Person, the book is a helpful guide to promoting yourself and your business even if you’re confidence challenged.

The tips are simple, straight-forward and — very important in this difficult economy — cost-effective. Markovich provides instruction on networking, public relations, and business-building through charity participation. Scattered liberally throughout the short book are affirmations designed to help bashful people embrace their shyness and turn it into an asset.

You Want Me to What? is not designed as a resource for the veteran marketer. But if shyness has kept you from actively marketing your business, Miki Markovich provides inspiration to get you started. The book is available for download — in addition to other helpful resources — at

A complimentary copy of the review books was provided by the author.


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