Who wears the pants in your family?

Al Mohler is smart. Crazy smart. And despite my poking fun at him with the occasional blog post, I have all the respect in the world in the world for the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Okay, maybe not ALL the respect in the world.

You see, he posted a commentary on a Newsweek cover story that detailed how changing culture and worsening economic prospects are encouraging a re-thinking of the place of men in the world. But despite his towering intellect and insightful worldview, I thought this advertisement for Dockers khakis did a much better job at defining the essence of masculinity. The text is after the image below.

“Once upon a time, men wore the pants, and wore them well. Women rarely had to open doors and little old ladies never crossed the street alone. Men took charge because that’s what they did. But somewhere along the way, the world decided it no longer needed men. Disco by disco, latte by foamy non-fat latte, men were stripped of their khakis and left stranded on the the road between boyhood and androgyny. But today, there are questions our genderless society has no answers for. The world sits idly by as cities crumble, children misbehave and those little old ladies remain on one side of the street. For the first time since bad guys, we need heroes. We need grown-ups. We need men to put down the plastic fork, step away from the salad bar and untie the world from the tracks of complacency. It’s time to get your hands dirty. It’s time to answer the call of manhood. It’s time to wear the pants.”  — Docker’s magazine ad

Maybe it’s just because I’m an advertising man, but I think Dockers nailed it with their “man-festo.” They really care about who wears the pants in the family. The khaki pants that is.

All kidding aside, Al Mohler offers a valuable perspective on manhood, and expertly identifies some insights that can benefit Christians even in an article by a secular magazine. Check out his blog post here.

What’s your take on the state of manhood these days?


14 Responses to Who wears the pants in your family?

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks David.

    The statistics in the linked article were surprising.

    And the Docker’s statement:

    “We need grown-ups. We need men to put down the plastic fork, step away from the salad bar and untie the world from the tracks of complacency.”

    Lot’s of truth there.

    God’s blessings…

  2. Reagan says:

    Like the ad. Not sure that khakis say, “manly,” though.

    Great post. Definitely we need more real men in the world right now.

    How cool would it have been to hang with Jesus and his 12 disciples? Now there was bunch of real men.

  3. Hey David,

    I’m torn. I don’t drink lattes, but I eat salad. While wearing jeans. I like art and music, and could care less about sports. But I like watching Man vs Wild. Does that count?

    Inspiring post. I’m going to go out now and bite the head off a salamander.

  4. Mrs. Claus says:

    Santa definitely wears the pants, here at the good ole’ North Pole, and much to the dismay of many of Mrs. Claus’ friends and fellow-bloggers, I don’t mind telling all of them, that Santa is the boss . . . both at work and at home.

    Women need to sit down and shut up and give their men back their pants. . . and that’s coming from one of their own. . . I’m just sayin.


  5. The Newsweek article says, in part, “…the truth is that the next generation of Homer Simpsons will have to stop searching for outsourced manufacturing jobs and start working toward teaching, nursing, or social-service positions instead.” These are service jobs. Service jobs merely move money around, they do not “create wealth”—manufacturing, mining, construction, et cetera, do “create wealth”.

    @Reagan “Like the ad. Not sure that khakis say, ‘manly,’ though.” Nothing says “old-man pants” quite like Dockers(r)!

    @Mark Altrogge: Some salamanders are poisonous, as are some frogs!

    @David Wilson: Venison is yummy! It has been ages since I have had it, but it is yummy. So is abalone!

    This post made Me think of My grandfather. He built his own house, a three-car garage (spacious, too!), a barn with a loft, three chicken coops, and a one-car garage add-on, to the barn. The yuppies passing as men, these days, cannot do that!
    I taught Myself electronics engineering. Our modern economy is designed for people to buy cheap foreign (i.e. Chinese) junk, and replace it when it fails. Almost no one builds or repairs anything, and most of those who do, are men over fifty!!

  6. Dave, I love that ad! Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I’m always glad to hear from readers. It’s been funny the mix of comments I got sympathizing with what I was saying, with others who said I basically have no right to say anything because I’m a man.

    • David Wilson says:

      Thanks for stopping by. You have a great blog, and I appreciate your joining in on the conversation. Men seem to be in something of a pickle. But we’re probably the cause of the problem as much as the victims of it. Good talking to you!

  7. Chris says:


    Maybe you’ve already seen the recent article that Al Mohler wrote about divorce. He makes some great points in it. You may want to check it out.


  8. Jeff says:

    Very good article on manhood. However, while I feel Dr. Mohler does a good job reviewing the article, I don’t think he touched on Godly manliness as much as he should have.
    I believe that we who are men of God, commit a grievous sin, when we do not conduct ourselves as such.
    @Chris: I read the article by Dr. Mohler on divorce. I’ve never been divorced; my wife and I have been married 31 years.

    • Jeff,

      You are truly blessed. I’m not too many years of marriage behind you.

      Just wondering…what should Dr. Mohler have included in his article? What else should he have said?

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