Support my cause or get blown to bits


The folks at the 10:00 campaign are serious about their cause. And by serious I mean they plan on killing you if they don’t get your enthusiastic support.

In a Monty Pythonesque twist of absurdist violence, they blow up individuals who are unwilling to cut their carbon emissions by 10 percent a year, starting in 2010. The bloody carnage got me thinking of something. Something besides hiding in the bomb shelter the next time an environmentalist approaches me with a petition to sign.

How do we treat people who don’t share our passion for an issue we hold dear? What happens when someone doesn’t show up for your pro-life rally, contribute to your fund-raising effort, vote for your favored candidate, or participate with your outreach? While we wouldn’t dream of blowing them up, perhaps we blow them off.

Let’s extend grace to people shall we? There are so many noble causes and worthwhile endeavors, there’s no way we can be zealous for them all.

What are you passionate about?


One Response to Support my cause or get blown to bits

  1. BooBoo says:

    This is what extreme radical Muslims do, if you don’t agree to their doctrine, or convert. Muslims are commanded, in their holy book, to kill infidels. To them, an infidel is a nonMuslim who will not convert.

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