Book review: The Truth Of The Matter

With The Truth Of The Matter, best-selling author Andrew Klavan steers the third installment of his Homelanders series into new territory. Teenager Charlie West is starting to regain a year’s worth of lost memories, and is battling to understand the reasons he’s accused of murdering his best friend and pursued by shadowy terrorists committed to destroying the United States.

What complicates the high schooler’s plight is the fact that he isn’t sure who wants to help him and who wants to take his life. And the process that enables him to remember bit by bit leaves him vulnerable to his many assailants.

Klavan’s series is loaded with suspense and action. However this edition is dominated by the back story that is revealed as Charlie remembers the details of his forgotten year. This slows down the story down to a pace that some teens, who are the target audience for the series, may find less engaging than the first two books.

That said, I would highly The Truth Of The Matter to Christian young people and their parents. Charlie’s exploits are compelling, and his fierce devotion to his country and his faith make him an uncommon hero in contemporary fiction.

A complimentary review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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