Is your relationship with God dry and lifeless?

Ever experienced a spiritual drought? A season when your relationship with God seems dry and lifeless? I know I have.

Consider the suggestions below taken from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon:

“Let us humbly use these means without putting our trust in them, and then let us:

1. Confess our unworthiness. The Lord might justly have withheld his grace from us.
2. Acknowledge our dependence upon the heavenly showers of spiritual influence.
3. Pray incessantly, till, like Elijah, we bring down the rain.
4. Look alone to Jesus. “He shall come down like rain.”
5. Value the least sign of grace, watching for it as the prophet did from the top of Carmel, till he saw the little cloud arise from the sea.
6. Use the blessing more diligently when it returns, bringing forth fruit to God.

Let this act as an incentive to gratitude to those who are wet with showers of blessing. And as a warning to those who are losing their interest in the gatherings of the Sabbath.”

Read more of Spurgeon’s thoughts on spiritual drought from his sermon notes at The Resurgence blog.


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