Leprechauns in the Bible?

This is mortifying to admit, but most-visited pages on the Faces Of Lions blog involve poking fun at a Christian leader’s name, an author’s mustache, and this goofy post on whether there are leprechauns in the Bible. The fact that people are Googling questions about scriptural evidence for magical midgets had been pretty surprising. By the way, did you know that St. Patrick was actually an Italian from Britain? Check it out.

Would you be surprised to learn that leprechauns are mentioned in the Bible?

Remember singing “Zacchaeus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he?” Clearly, this is a reference to Ireland’s height-challenged mascots.

The member of the Sanhedrin who visited Jesus one night was the enchanted Irishman Nick O’Demus.

Moses’ staff turning into a serpent? It was a shillelagh, the magical walking stick brandished by every self-respecting leprechaun.

By the by, you’ve had WAY too much green beer if you believe any of this!


2 Responses to Leprechauns in the Bible?

  1. Susan {the wife :) } says:

    We started reading “The Life of Saint Patrick” by Quentin Reynolds (Landmark Series 1955). Very interesting. Too bad most people think of green beer and trying to not get pinched for not wearing green . . . . instead of remembering WHO Saint Patrick was and the one true GOD he loved and served.
    Thanks for the cute references you mentioned in your blog. At least it did not include a reference to BACON! 🙂

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