Love Wins controversy continues as Rob Bell’s views land hell on the cover of Time magazine.

Just when I thought the controversy over Rob Bell and his new book was starting to die down, Time magazine adds fuel to the fire with a cover story on the debate.

Not a lot of new information here if you’ve been following this on blogs by Justin Taylor, Kevin DeYoung and Mark Driscoll, but it’s interesting to see the secular media grappling with a theological issue. In fact, they seem to work hard to discredit the Christian faith by connecting it to behavior that most believers would find reprehensible:

“… religion heals, but it also kills. Why support a supernatural belief system that, for instance, contributed to that minister in Florida’s burning of a Koran, which led to the deaths of innocent U.N. workers in Afghanistan?”

You can read the Time magazine article here.


4 Responses to Love Wins controversy continues as Rob Bell’s views land hell on the cover of Time magazine.

  1. I absolutely hate this bizarre way of blaming innocent people for murder. To burn a book does not lead to murder. Shall we all roll over and stop speaking so as not to tick off the murderous terrorists? To burn the Koran is an exercise of free speech. How dare people blame a man who has exercised his free speech, for murder?

    If I got angry at the man who put the crucifix into a jar of urine and titled his work of art “Piss Christ”, and I went out and killed five artists, would anyone blame the Piss Christ guy? Of course not. It’s not his fault I’m a murdering maniac.

    To burn a Koran is not murder and it does not lead to murder and to blame a man who is staging a peaceful protest in Florida for the deaths of people in Afghanistan is irresponsible and dangerous. It is an attempt to gag us all. I will never burn a Koran, probably. I think there are better ways to speak out. But the Piss Christ guy must be allowed to make his ugly art and the man who burns the Koran must be allowed to burn the Koran. Otherwise we’re lost.

  2. I agree with Sally that it is wrong for the secular media to put the blame for the deaths caused by riots on the person burning the Koran. However, I think the people who burned the Koran are foolish.

    What was the point? To protest idolatrous beliefs? Then why not burn the Book of Mormon? I mean, seriously, if we’re going to take on false teaching, why stop with one book or one book of one religion?

    I think the gesture …was just that–a token act to gain publicity and stir people up. Are they happy that Americans are more odious than ever in the sight of many Arabs? And how does that make it possible for missionaries working in the Middle East to preach a loving Jesus who came to seek and to save?

    Some say Muslims deprecate Christian and American symbols all the time. Should believers “go and do likewise”? I think we would be wise, instead, to do what Christ said regarding how to treat our enemies–turn the other cheek, go the extra mile. If anything we should be engaging people in positive ways not offending them.

    Then the secular media could not twist our actions into the cause of something heinous.


  3. The guy who burns the Koran is not only foolish, he’s rude and unloving and sinful. Just like the Piss Christ guy is.

    Still, we have such a problem in this world when it comes to holding guilty parties responsible for their own actions. We so love to find a reason for their sinful behavior in something other than their fallen nature. They murder because their father is the devil and he was a murderer from the start. It wasn’t the supernatural belief system that the man in Florida held to that caused the deaths. It was the supernatural belief system that the murderers held to that caused the deaths.

    But, no, the media has to hang it on the Christians.

  4. David Wilson says:

    Beck and Sally,

    Thanks for you comments.

    When it comes to burning religious books, I think I’d rather see something like the scene in Acts 19 where those who practiced sorcery burned their scrolls after being confronted with the Gospel.

    Thanks again for adding to the conversation!


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