I took my wife to an abortion clinic

My wife didn’t really want to go to the abortion clinic that morning. Neither did I. But we went anyway. It was just something we felt we had to do.

We were both very quiet on the short drive there. Each of us were lost in our thoughts, and sobered by the seriousness of what was about to happen.

The women had to be at the clinic early Saturday morning for the brief window of time they admitted those wanting an abortion. But my wife and I weren’t there to kill an unborn child. Our goal was to persuade others to change their minds and choose life.

We prayed and tried to engage people in conversation as they entered the clinic. We told them there were other options, that God cared about them and their babies. Many ignored us, some cursed us.

Standing in front of the clinic, abortion became much more than an issue, or a plank in a political platform. It was a heart-rending reality. One young woman told us tearfully, “You don’t understand. You don’t know anything about me.” It’s true that we were ignorant of her circumstances, but a simple truth remained. She had a living baby in her womb as she entered the clinic. And when she walked out, her baby would be dead.

In the end, we’re not sure if any little ones were saved that day. But we had to try. We had to do something.

On Saturday, May 7th, we’re going to do something else. My wife and I are joining with others for Walk For Life in our city. Proceeds from the fund-raising event will help local pregnancy centers that work to save the unborn and share the Gospel.

Would you like to do something too? Consider sponsoring my wife at the Walk For Life event. She has a website that makes it very easy for you to make an online donation. Click HERE to join others in taking a stand for life!


One Response to I took my wife to an abortion clinic

  1. Susan {the wife :) } says:

    Thanks as always Honey for your support!
    I still remember that day we stood and watched women of all ages and ethnic groups enter that dreary windowless building . . . only to come out having potentially committed murder IF they went through with an abortion, and with guilt that only God can forgive and heal. My eyes well up with tears knowing that I know someone that can help them but they are not interested . . .
    I am excited to know that we made a difference that day, even if only in our hearts as I continue to see those women’s faces in my mind, I pray for them.

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