Movie review: Unplanned … you could win the DVD!

What would you do if you discovered that your life’s work was a colossal tragedy? Imagine the gut-wrenching anguish if you found that what you believed to be the truth was actually a monstrous deception. A lie that had fatal consequences.

That’s Abby Johnson’s story that is told in a new book and DVD documentary called unPLANNED. This real-life account explores how the young woman went from being director of a Planned Parenthood clinic responsible for thousands of abortions to leading voice for life and women in crisis.

I screened an advance copy of the DVD. Abby recounts her personal experience of having two abortions during college, and how she rose up the ranks of the Planned Parenthood organization, beginning as idealistic volunteer. The hour-long documentary does a good job of portraying how a young person could come to adopt a Pro Choice perspective, even though she was raised in a solidly Pro Life home. It also portrays the surprising impact that Christians can have by taking a bold, yet loving stand against abortion.

My wife and I are participating Walk For Life event in our local area to raise funds for local crisis pregnancy centers. Would you like to get involved? You can make an online donation on my wife’s Walk For Life website by clicking here.

In addition, Unite for LIFE is hosting Abby Johnson in a free webcast featuring Abby Johnson to benefit pregnancy care organizations. The webcast will occur here on May 17 at 8:00 pm (all time zones). unPLANNED the book and the DVD will be available as a package deal, and 33% of each purchase will go to crisis pregnancy centers like CareNet, the National Institute of Family & Life Advocates, and Heartbeat International.

Would you like to win your own copy of the unPLANNED DVD? Leave me a comment below, and I’ll draw a winner next week!


5 Responses to Movie review: Unplanned … you could win the DVD!

  1. me, me, me, please. 🙂

  2. Phil says:

    I’m interested. 😀

  3. Susan (the wife) says:

    This was a very powerful DVD! Never under estimate the power of prayer and of a humble Christ like example for those that believe the lie wrapped up in pro-choice.

  4. Larry says:


    Father, we love You! Forgive us all of our sins! Thank You for this wonderful testimony, about how You reached Abby Johnson! Bless her and her family, and protect them from the evil one. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  5. Stryker says:

    Not interested in winning a copy, but I just had to point out how this story sounds similar to Randy Alcorn’s book, Edge of Eternity. (Obviously the storyline is different, but the concept is similar. 🙂

    – Jordan

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