Check out my new website. Same crappy content … now with a fancier design!

After 12,771 page views, the Faces Of Lions website was in need of a serious overhaul. So overhaul I did, and I think the results aren’t half bad.

I like to invite you to stop by and check out the new digs. I transferred all of the content from the old site, but there was one important thing I couldn’t import:


You were kind enough, or unsuspecting enough, to subscribe to this site to receive free updates via email or RSS feed. Would you do me a HUGE favor and subscribe to the new Faces Of Lions?

And by the by, feel free to tell your friends about Faces Of Lions too. The new site has social media tools baked in so it’s easy to share the crappy content love!

To be magically transported to my new website, please CLICK HERE.


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