Harry Potter fans: Would Jesus be a Hufflepuff?

July 15, 2011

You could win 11 Christian books!

June 25, 2011



I’m giving away a mess of books on the new Faces Of Lions blog site. But many of the readers of my old site haven’t made the jump to the new, and I don’t want you to miss out.

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Eat Your Way to a Six-Pack + 4 more

June 1, 2011

Diet tips to pulverize your pudge — Okay, Christian dudes aren’t supposed to be overly image conscious. But if you need to burn some belly fat (like yours truly), these ideas could help.

Slow motion watermelon explosion — My family enjoyed some watermelon over the Memorial Day weekend, but we just sliced ours. This video may give you a creative idea for your next backyard barbecue. Especially if Tiger Woods is on your guest list.

Caffeinated popcorn? — Nobody wants to get sleep while snacking. Am I right?

John Piper interview Rick Warren — Lengthy but worthwhile, this interview has surprised many in the Reformed camp, including uber-blogger Tim Challies.

Faces Of Lions has a new lair — I launched my new website just a few days ago. Stop by and subscribe before the old site is retired!

Check out my new website. Same crappy content … now with a fancier design!

May 31, 2011

After 12,771 page views, the Faces Of Lions website was in need of a serious overhaul. So overhaul I did, and I think the results aren’t half bad.

I like to invite you to stop by and check out the new digs. I transferred all of the content from the old site, but there was one important thing I couldn’t import:


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What if your cell phone was Victorian instead of Verizon?

May 26, 2011

Some time back, there was a story circulating about a cell-phone-using time traveler captured in a Charlie Chaplin film from 1928.

But what if there were cell phones in 1838, during the Victorian era? That’s what a Croatian artist imagined with the above creation.

More Steampunk cell phones here.

Francis Chan is no Rob Bell

May 20, 2011

Da Vinci’s design for the iPhone

May 20, 2011

HT: How To Be A Retronaut