Book review: The Corruptible

April 13, 2011

Ray Quinn is having a bad day. The private investigator has been cornered in a public restroom by his client’s cheating husband, who administers a brutal beat-down for documenting his infidelities. Ray’s young apprentice intervenes, but not before the ex-cop collects a number bruises to go along with the continual ache of his crippled hip.

That’s just the introduction to The Corruptible, a new novel by Mark Mynheir. Like his protagonist, the author is a former cop with the Orlando Police Department. Mynheir uses his experience on the force to add a level of depth and detail often lacking in crime stories.

The book follows Ray as he works to recover important client information that has been stolen from a prestigious financial company. The investigator encounters murder and mayhem along the way, and makes discoveries about himself as he struggles under the weight of his infirmity and guilt associated with past tragedies.

I felt the book would have benefited from more character development. There just isn’t much insight provided for the reader to understand the motivations of the good guys or the bad guys.  That said, the intrigue and action of The Corruptible make it great book for fans of crime novels looking for light summer reading.