Harry Potter fans: Would Jesus be a Hufflepuff?

July 15, 2011

You could win 11 Christian books!

June 25, 2011



I’m giving away a mess of books on the new Faces Of Lions blog site. But many of the readers of my old site haven’t made the jump to the new, and I don’t want you to miss out.

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Are you praying for more of the presence?

June 15, 2011

“Pray daily for a great outpouring of the Spirit on the Church and on the world. This is the grand need of the day—it is the thing that we need far more than money, machinery, and men. The “company of preachers” in Christendom is far greater than it was in the days of Paul; but the actual spiritual work done in the earth, in proportion to the means used, is undoubtedly far less. We need more of the presence of the Holy Spirit—more in the pulpit, and more in the congregation—more in the pastoral visit, and more in the school. Where He is, there will be life, health, growth, and fruitfulness. Where He is not—all will be dead, tame, formal, sleepy, and cold. Then let everyone who desires to see an increase of pure and undefiled religion, pray daily for more of the presence of the Holy Spirit in every branch of the visible Church of Christ.” — J.C. Ryle

I can be conflicted on this. Often, I feel parched for the Holy Spirit and cry out to be refreshed by the waters of his presence in my life. But sometimes, I can survey the thirsty condition of my soul and think “God is sovereign. If he wanted to flow over me like a mighty river, nothing I could do would stop the flood.”

If we’re dry, is it because of our lack of desire? Is the Lord waiting for us to lift up our voices? Do we have unreasonable and unbiblical ideas of what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Did Josh Harris re-title his book to ride the coat tails of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise?

June 6, 2011

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m a big fan of Joshua Harris’ latest book on the importance of sound theology.

What I’m not a big fan of, however, is his chronic changing of his book titles. He owned up to this compulsion recently when another blogger called him on this odd practice.

The book Not Even A Hint became Sex Is Not The Problem. Then, it was changed back again. Stop Dating The Church morphed into Why Church Matters.

When will the madness end?

Not yet, it seems.

In an apparent attempt to confuse buyers into thinking his latest book is a biography of the star of the insanely popular Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, Dug Down Deep has been renamed Dug Down Depp. Make no mistake, Johnny Depp has nothing to do with Harris’ book.

But you know what the real scandal is? That I made the whole thing up.

Well, not the part about the changes to the earlier book titles. But Dug Down Deep is still Dug Down Deep. And it’s still a darn good book that you should buy right away.

Say … you know what else has been re-titled? My blog.

The awkwardly named FacesOfLions.wordpress.com is now FacesOfLions.net. And it’s not just the name that has been changed. It’s a new website with all manner of shiny buttons and stuff to go along with the usual nonsense I foist upon unsuspecting folks.

The old site that you’re reading this post on will soon be retired. So, CLICK HERE to visit the new site and subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!

Eat Your Way to a Six-Pack + 4 more

June 1, 2011

Diet tips to pulverize your pudge — Okay, Christian dudes aren’t supposed to be overly image conscious. But if you need to burn some belly fat (like yours truly), these ideas could help.

Slow motion watermelon explosion — My family enjoyed some watermelon over the Memorial Day weekend, but we just sliced ours. This video may give you a creative idea for your next backyard barbecue. Especially if Tiger Woods is on your guest list.

Caffeinated popcorn? — Nobody wants to get sleep while snacking. Am I right?

John Piper interview Rick Warren — Lengthy but worthwhile, this interview has surprised many in the Reformed camp, including uber-blogger Tim Challies.

Faces Of Lions has a new lair — I launched my new website just a few days ago. Stop by and subscribe before the old site is retired!